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Studio workshop, Tiles. 1.5 hour, x2 people

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Studio workshop, Tiles. 1.5 hour, x2 people

Price is for up to two people, for a workshop in my studio space, using professional materials and tools with bespoke timings arranged to your requirements. You’ll decorate a set of four tiles [including an extra for practice], and these will be glazed and fired for return. [Each tile approx 9.8cm square].

I’ll email a sheet and links to help you prepare effective designs. The tiles will be preprepared to ‘leatherhard’ and ready for the carving & painting work that you will do. Your studio work will then incorporate use of the traditional sgraffito method which creates a line carved through a white top layer to reveal dark red earthy tones underneath, with additional painted colours in either earthy toned slips or brighter coloured stains. I’ll clear glaze your tiles for you.

The four glazed tiles can be backed with cork if you like, they’ll sit on a table top or against a wall, or make four individual gifts.

Recommended for over 8’s, [the work isn’t difficult but the height of my work bench is too much for smaller children].

My studio is within a community of artists studios sited right on the riverside. On site we have picnic tables for your packed lunches, but also The Arts Cafe which has a deck overlooking the river where you can get freshly made pizzas. Combine with a riverside walk to Greenwich or along to the historical Woolwich Docklands for a creative, imaginative whole day out! [And if you can’t get to me do email me to discuss if I can bring to you if you are local, sorry these won’t post before they are fired].