Commissions & customising

I am used to taking varied commissions. These have included such items as a decorative vessel to match a favourite textile, dishes for special Birthdays & wedding presents, personalised texts, and even a commemorative tile for the relaunch of a local school garden with modelling, drawing and text. I've supplied a cafe with substantial serving and condiment dishes. One of my favourite projects over the last three years has been working with a group of women who all buy for each other, personalised each time.

Last year this meant creating new designs, developing new glazes, and new ways of working. I'm delighted that my dishes have been produced for weddings, 50th Birthdays [I do a lot of these!], 70th's, 80th and a diamond wedding anniversary. 

I am currently working on several projects, but am always very happy to discuss yours. Do get in touch to discuss [but leave plenty of time].

- Maybe you want something with very specific dimensions to fit exactly into a space? (Eg: I recently made a U shaped draining dish to fit a steel kitchen sink drainer/divider so as to keep the scourers tidy)

- Something with letters on? 

- An inlaid drawing of a special place? 

Whatever is it, email me, I'd love to discuss how we can work together.