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Tile Workshop: Ottoman Journeys, Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust, July 6th

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Tile Workshop: Ottoman Journeys, Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust, July 6th

*(NB. The booking for this event is actually now live but *is not here*, this is an information page only: it is booked via Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust on eventbrite ..

This is a group tile making workshop held at Charlton House, SE7, 18.00-20.00 on July 6th. You will design & create a hand-made tile using a combination of traditional & historic pottery techniques- *(not all strictly Iznik techniques but so as to complete a tile with time, experience & skill constraints!) I'll have image references to hand.

The session is part of the activities that support the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust exhibition 'Ottoman Journeys, Life & Afterlife in Greenwich' & you can find out more here:

šŸ’  Introduction:
We will quickly look at tile production methods during this era and how we are using some of these ideas in this session. We'll look at the type of images that were traditionally produced then and how you might build your own design in contemporary times. You will each receive a 15cm sq handmade stoneware tile, dried & stiffened to 'leather hard' but unfired.

šŸ’  Designs
I will have paper templates for you to work out your own images using your own motifs & symbols with reference to the Ottoman designs. You'll create a sketched plan that can be traced across to your tile. A sheet outlining any preparation work you may like to do ahead on this will be sent with your order.

šŸ’  Colour
You'll paint underglaze stains into your traced design to create surface colour which will become brighter as it is fired.

šŸ’  Line work
You'll score line work over your painted images. This will be washed with a black stain after first firing but before glazing, creating fine black outlines to your painted colours.

šŸ’  I'll prepare your work for the bisque (first) kiln fire. A black stain wash will then pick out the line work before clear glazing and firing which will brighten the colours. Your work will be backed with cork and then returned to Charlton House (office opposite Frilly's tea room) for you to collect from Aug 10th

šŸ’  The price is per person & includes the two hour workshop, all materials, kiln preparations, glazing & firing.

šŸ’  I am fully DBS checked & certified & public liability insured.

FCC Spring 23, ref 23-68