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Studio workshop on Mishima [inlay] & Sgraffito [scratch through], x2 plates [one or two people]

£100.00 - £150.00
Studio workshop on Mishima [inlay] & Sgraffito [scratch through], x2 plates [one or two people]

A workshop in my studio space, using studio materials and tools with bespoke timings arranged to your requirements. You’ll create designs on two large plates after practising on a tile. I’ll email a sheet to help you prepare your design.

Imagine the pleasure of eating from or giving a hand made plate that you have designed and drawn yourself. Or make something to commemorate an occasion or person. You can pre-work on your design, whilst I’ll hand make the plates so they are ready in the leather hard stage. You’ll have a tile to experiment on, and then you’ll work straight into your plate.

Sgraffito technique: a traditional studio ceramic technique of carving away a top layer (white in this case) to reveal a contrasting clay body below ( a delicious dark clay which is excitingly called Vulcan, and will finish a rich chocolate brown). Most often glazed clear but tinted transparent colours can be used too.

Mishima technique: using inlays. You’ll carve pattern into a white plate, and then backfill with coloured liquid clays. Most often glazed with celadons, [tinted transparent glazes]

2 hours.

We’ll create your glaze plan, I’ll glaze for you and then can arrange collection [from SE7] or quote for postage.

Recommended for over 8’s, and under 12 booked with an adult please. I can discuss bringing this project to your own space too, additional travel charge may apply.