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Picture Tile, Charlton House


It's a little picture that you can also stand your drink on! Prop it up somewhere it'll make you smile or keep your drink off a delicate surface. This is a cork-backed tile featuring my sketch of Charlton House.

Charlton House is a Jacobean building in Charlton, Royal Borough of Greenwich. It has served the local community well; including as a wartime hospital, museum, library & most importantly in 2021 as one of the UK's earliest Covid19 vaccination centres, where I myself volunteered. Up to 600 a day have been vaccinated here in these beautiful surroundings & the park & gardens are a welcome green space too.

Stand the tile up on a shelf or place your drink on it as a coaster & admire one of our local treasures, & maybe even give thanks for your own vaccination there.


9.4cm sq.