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Mug, Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich

Mug, Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich

A large hand-built stoneware mug with my hand drawn image applied. Designed for holding cupped in two hands, whilst celebrating the magnificence of one of our local views.

I pass by the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich most days as I go to my studio. Also referred to as Woolwich Station or Woolwich Barracks, it is a garrison of the British Army which forms part of London District. It is one of the historic local buildings that are looked after by the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust. The 1000 ft long Georgian facade is the longest in Europe & currently houses the Royal Regiment of the Artillery. And it never ceases to make me feel WOW when I see it!


Buff clay, white glaze, hand drawn decal.

10cm diameter, 8cm tall.
Mug is dishwasher safe with care, but decal may fade if the hottest setting is used, with care!

(Another is for sale at Made In Greenwich