Picture Tile, Blackheath Tea Hut.

  • Picture Tile, Blackheath Tea Hut.

It's a little picture that you can also stand your drink on! Prop it up somewhere it'll make you smile or keep your drink off a delicate surface. This is a cork-backed tile featuring this very beloved local landmark that sadly disappeared but was re-born in August 2021!

The Blackheath tea hut was first established on a handy stretch of Blackheath common in 1924. Providing 24 hour teas to all drivers there was a huge reaction of loss and sadness when it was flattened in January 2020 by a reckless driver but in August 2021 there has been widespread happiness at the return of a new hut.

Stand the tile up on a shelf or place your drink on it as a coaster & admire one of our local treasures.


9.4cm sq.

155-1 / 155-6 /128-1 / 128-2