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Mug, The Lord Herbert, SE18

Mug, The Lord Herbert, SE18

A large hand-built stoneware mug with my hand drawn image applied. Designed for holding cupped in two hands, whilst celebrating the historical significance of a local pub and its namesake who was part of massive social change locally.

The Lord Herbert is a beloved local pub in SE18 central to a friendly community of creatives: artists, potters, musicians & writers, my kind of place!

Named after Sidney Herbert (1810-1861), the first Baron of Lea & a close ally & confident of Florence Nightingale. He was responsible for the war office during the Crimean war (1854-1856) & led the movement afterwards for Army health and reform of the war office. The war office itself was given recommendations for expansion of artillery production leading to the massive expansion of Woolwich Arsenal & accompanying housing increase across Plumstead. Enormous social change for women & workers followed.

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10cm diameter, 8cm tall.
Mug is dishwasher safe.