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Mug, Dog & Bell, Deptford

Mug, Dog & Bell, Deptford

A large hand-built stoneware mug with my hand drawn image applied. Designed for holding cupped in two hands, whilst celebrating the joy of one of our local gems.

Although it's not been one of my own locals, this was the pub that I airily dispatched my husband to when I went into labour the first time, and that child is now all grown up and a regular visitor there! It's a proper old boozer in a great part of London & everyone loves it. Deptford fascinates me with it's rich ship yard history and you'll see homage to this in the pic of Deptford High Street's anchor near the handle. Made specially to support my offer at the very excellent Deptford retailer Deptford Does Art, check them out on insta: @DeptfordDoesArt


10cm diameter, 8cm tall.
Mug is dishwasher safe with care, but decal may fade if the hottest setting is used, with care.