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Flecked stoneware small bowl

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Flecked stoneware small bowl

Handbuilt bowl, in a beautiful flecked stoneware - such a lovely clay to work with and it fires to natural tones and v subtle shine on tiny bursts. Interior & creases of exterior glazed in a natural white with oatmeal speckles that bubble through glaze. Unglazed Inlaid rim, and unglazed exterior. Ideal size for cereal, snacks, veg portions, pets, jewellery, lego sorting, sweets or soap! I have six on the go in my own kitchen as they are so often in the dish washer, the favourite thing that I make!

Food & dishwasher safe. *please note some have finger marks inside, some don’t, do specify if this is important*

Also available with holes as a small drainer, or in green.

14cms diameter, 5.5cm to rim, ref small bowl, flecked clay.