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Avocado grower šŸ„‘

Avocado grower šŸ„‘

A small ceramic collar designed to hold a sprouting avocado stone above water without harming the stone so a root system will form, makes a great gift.

*Instructions for use*
šŸ„‘ Wrap your stone entirely in tissue paper, wet, squeeze out and stick in a sealed plastic bag. Place in a dark warm place (the cupboard over the hob is brilliant).

šŸ„‘ Keep tissue damp, check in from time to time and around 4-6 weeks later it will have sprouted the start of a stem from the top (pointy end) and roots from the fatter bottom.

šŸ„‘ Place your stone into the collar and stand the collar over a narrow glass of water, keep the water topped up and stand on a sunny window sill

šŸ„‘ After the stem has grown around 15cm, cut it back to 10cm. Keep topping up that water.

šŸ„‘ Pot up in soil. Will be happy outside in summer, bring it inside through the winter.

Price is for one collar, glass & cat not included šŸ˜‰