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Pottery Class, Green Man plaque, April 6th, 2hrs


Create a serene and kindly modeled face surrounded by a bounty of leaves and flowers and berries, suitable for hanging inside or out. Peering from the foliage of your garden or interior you might include your plaque as a focus for your May Day or Beltane seasonal reflection.

How will the session work?
🌿 These two hour sessions are held in a light airy space at Thamesside studios, SE18, sat around a group table or your own, with easy parking and access. Max of eight in your class and working in buff stoneware. All materials, firing and glaze are included. I will send a sheet after booking with full details of finding the studio.

🌿 I'll briefly introduce the Green Man legend and history, how it may tie to Beltane or May Day celebrations & I'll have plenty of image resource to inspire! Then a brief demo of rolling, cutting, printing & construction to get you started.

🌿 We'll roll & cut sturdy slabs to act as a base for our modeled faces, adding eyes, nose and mouth

🌿 We'll examine a range of natural resources that I'll bring in (you are most welcome to bring yours too), leaves, vines, berries etc, and how they may act as hair, eyebrows or beards.

🌿 using a combination of modeled, impressed and stamped pieces we'll create a radiating relief of natural elements around the facial design, taking care with firm application and depth. We'll position where the hole will be cut for hanging. You may like to create additional cut-in around your modeling.

🌿 Your creations will stay with me and go back to my studio for firing & glazing. All glazed Greenwich Green.

🌿 You'll collect from me in Charlton from May 1st, ready for the May day weekend & your own celebrations!

🌿👩‍👧 Children: you are welcome to book your child alongside you (see below for a discount code). We will be sat at an adult sized table and although you are best placed to judge your child's ability I'd say 7+ is most appropriate. We will be rolling out, cutting and sticking at the most basic. I am fully DBS checked & safe tools are provided.

For family or group bookings, use these discount codes at checkout :
-Two people for £65.00 / Greenman2
-Three people for £96 / Greenman3
-Four people for £124 / Greenman4

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