Thank you for having a look at Fiona Veacock Ceramics. 

I'm a part time potter working in a shared access studio in Peckham, South London two days a week, with close links to potters in Greenwich. I am surrounded with the most fantastic urban landscapes and with a beautiful local lido - both inspire me every day. 

I'm drawn to the silhouettes, changing light, shapes & lines created by this mixed modern & historic landscape and I've been looking at representing objects that may have had an industrial past and been made simply & quickly.

My bottle and jar forms have developed from hand built work, and I often combine hand building & throwing process to suggest the mash of styles, skills and labour that have built this city over the centuries.

A simple palette of slips are painted, inlaid into drawings, distressed and removed by abrasion, revealing lines, texture, shape and tiny snap shots of recognisable London. 

I have recently started applying the same approach to line work on dishes, cups, plates, spoon rests & platters. And created some #LoveLido pots celebrating the sunshine hours! 

I really appreciate you having looked at my page, hope you'll pop back at it develops and if you wish to buy, do email to discuss shipping.