We Were Grateful, Christmas 2021

  • We Were Grateful, Christmas 2021
  • We Were Grateful, Christmas 2021

Christmas decorations that express the overriding attitude of 2021.

In 2020 We Stayed Home. But in 2021 we ventured out, carefully & with such gratitude for everything & everyone who got us through this time.

We thank : the NHS, the vaccine developers, the army that delivered vaccines to us month after month. The small shop keepers who worked crazy hours and then delivered on their bicycles. The neighbours who looked out for each other. The delivery drivers, the child carers, the flexible employers. We are grateful for each other and for getting through.

As I write this we are grateful for safety in our homes too, and for our communities that welcome those in need.

A set of three heart shaped stoneware decorations, glazed white & threaded silver. A small paper flag mentions the NHS & vaccines. Equally at home on Christmas trees, threaded onto gift packaging or simply hung as a reminder. Approx 7cm x 8cm x 4mm.