Workshop: Christmas Decoration, Nov 27th

£10.00 - £12.50
  • Workshop: Christmas Decoration, Nov 27th
  • Workshop: Christmas Decoration, Nov 27th
  • Workshop: Christmas Decoration, Nov 27th
  • Workshop: Christmas Decoration, Nov 27th
  • Workshop: Christmas Decoration, Nov 27th

Nov 27th is Museum Shops Sunday, a national day of activities to promote the fantastic retail offers of Heritage & Cultural sites. As a supplier of the gift shops at The Old Royal Naval College I have been invited to create these special festive creative sessions within the stunning college surroundings.

We'll be making Christmas decorations with your drawings preserved forever and working in a spacious level access education room right at the centre of the beautiful surroundings of The Old Royal Naval College. We will be using a traditional studio ceramics technique called Sgraffito, scratching through a coloured layer on a contrasting clay colour to reveal the clay underneath.

For this session I will have prepared a rich dark studio grade stoneware clay into shapes and over painted with a contrasting white clay, these shapes will be stiff and partially dry.

This session allows for settling in, sketching a few ideas, and then the careful scratching through to reveal your design. The cost includes the studio prep & kiln costs. You can pre-book additional decorations to draw on. If breakages occur as we are in the making, I’ll have a limited number of smaller replacements that we’ll do instead rather than anyone going home disappointed.

How it works:
🎄Book one session per person drawing, every session includes one pre-made decoration, state in the comments with your order which you'd prefer: tree, snowman or Gingerbread man. You can buy additional decorations which will also be ready for you when you arrive for your session.

🎄Session times are booked & spaced to avoid too many people in the room, though it is a large well ventilated space.

🎄We’ll carefully scratch onto our decorations. From observation this works for children over 7 alone, younger will need supervision and help from you. The tools can be fairly sharp so your child uses with your risk and your guidance. Adults enjoy this activity too!

🎄Your work will be marked with initials and class & I’ll return them to my studio and tidy rough edges etc. They will then be fired in my kiln, threaded & returned to the Shop at Discover Greenwich for your collection from Dec 12th, earlier if I can (and you'll be notified).

This is for adults or children. It is an accessible activity - the access is level, in a calm and well ordered room & toilets are nearby in the visitors centre. I have plenty of teaching experience & am fully DBS certified. It's not hugely messy but if you need to preserve special outfits do feel free to bring your own aprons / cover all.


  • 12.00-12.45 session. [State Tree, Snowman or Gingerbread man)
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  • 13.00 to 13.45 session [State tree, Snowman or Gingerbread man)
    7 in stock
  • 14.15 to 15.00 session [state tree, snowman or gingerbread man]
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  • 15.15 to 16.00 session [state tree, snowman or gingerbread man]
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  • Additional Christmas Tree (approx 12.5cm)
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  • Additional Snowman (approx 11.5cm)
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  • Additional Gingerbread Man (approx 10.5cm)
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