Clay: by post.

  • Clay: by post.
  • Clay: by post.
  • Clay: by post.
  • Clay: by post.
  • Clay: by post.

-Your clay sent in the post, [p&p included]
-a sheet of instructions on what you need to gather from around the house to make your effective work station.
(See also the option to buy clay with classes bundle)

I will post you 750g of studio clay. [That's about what fits into a take away carton. It'll come well wrapped but without a carton as they don't fit in the postbox near me!]

I'll then email you a sheet of what you need to gather up from around the house, it'll be simple stuff that everyone will have at home, eg tea towel, wine bottle, dvd boxes. You’ll then have enough kit to make your own projects up. If you’re stuck, book on line lessons [see also the clay plus lessons bundle]

I want to see lots of pictures of your work, include the hashtag #CalmTimeClayClub on twitter, facebook and insta. You can admire it and then scrunch it up and get ready for your next project!

Let's bust the boredom, get occupied & distracted & add some positive experiences in the next few weeks.

You'll also get instructions on how to keep your clay and how to reclaim it [turn dry back into wet, for further projects]

NB: This is studio clay which is normally fired up to 1260C. At my classes I normally take the finished work away and fire it. But even for locals I am not offering this on these purchases I’m afraid. I can't risk clay going into my kiln that may have been spoiled with additional items stuck inside it. BUT when this is all over, you may like to book one of my local classes where I WILL fire your work and return it.


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